Key Drivers of Engagement

For me, Bersin by Deloitte never fails to deliver insightful commentary, opinion, and analysis on what’s what in the HR and talent industry. A recent report: ‘Predictions for 2017, Everything Is Becoming Digital’ provided 11 key predictions ranging from organisational design, performance management, engagement, diversity, L&D, leadership and so much more.  Within the second prediction: ‘Culture and Engagement Will Remain Top Priorities’, one small aside really caught our attention and that was all about drivers of engagement, which I’m going to share with you below.

 Key Drivers of Engagement

20 key drivers of engagement

Seeking to answer how companies can keep engagement high in today’s dynamic, always-on world of work, Bersin identifies 20 key drivers of engagement and urges companies to “think about all of them—and monitor and listen for feedback to stay vigilant of problems.”

They also looked at top performers – the companies that had received the highest glassdoor ratings and the good news is that they found “that no particular dimension predicts high-engagement companies—they are not small or large, not in a particular industry, or of a particular age.” High levels of employee engagement is attainable to any company.

However, the one thing these companies had in common was leadership. “These companies place “employees first”—and their leaders and managers think hard every day about what they can do to make their employees more productive and rewarded at work.”

Think about what you can do to place your employees first and what you can implement to ensure your staff are more productive and rewarded at work. Luckily, Jamjou ticks quite a few of those boxes above in that it not only engages staff but is also motivating, instills a joyful sense of competitive camaraderie. Want to know more? Email us to see a demo of our product in action.

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