Help in the hand for the squeezed middle manager

funny-squeezed-cat-445x615Under the best of circumstances, managing people is challenging. Managing a team of front line staff in a busy environment in front of, or on the phone to customers is particularly challenging. Emma is one such manager and her challenges come from all angles:

On the one hand, she is trying to please her bosses, interpret their messages, convey them to her staff, meet financial targets and grapple with ever-changing goals. Then there’s team engagement against the backdrop of tricky performance reviews and the constant requests for information about raises, promotions, training, and revised benefits packages.  Not to mention having to simultaneously deal with difficult customer situations. Talk about being caught in the middle!

Generally, middle managers get some support tools in the form of multi-day leadership-development programs (often in warm climates), mentoring programs, and in some few cases, executive coaches. They receive some training and mentoring about how to lead. Now, because of fewer development options, “on pause” programmes, and less communication from the top, middle managers are not getting a lot of information and don’t have a lot of answers but are still expected to get the job done.  They are bearing the weight of their entire team’s KPIs on their shoulders and are being literally “squeezed” from every angle.

In the midst of a squeeze, what can a middle manager like Emma do to make things a little easier?

Is Technology the Answer?

We know that technology does not cure all ills but in the midst of a hectic work environment, anything that can help the manager and her team get their job done more efficiently will certainly alleviate the pressure and aid productivity.

Skills Identification and Mobile Learning are Priorities

The key to managing talent can be as simple as identifying and developing staff’s skills which can make a tremendous impact on a business.  Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 HCM Outlook Survey showed that 72% of organisations viewed accessing critical skills within their workforce as a priority or critical to the business while their 2016 report revealed mobile learning as one of the top three learning priorities for companies in the coming year.

Simple but not easy…. until now.

Luckily, Jamjou’s behaviour changing pocket tool can set your middle managers up for success by ticking both the skills identification and mobile learning boxes. By allowing customisation of content, your organisation can build real life scenarios to address skills whilst powerful data analytics will point your middle managers directly to their frontline staff’s specific skills gaps and provide them with the intelligence to take action. “If it’s not measured it’s not managed” will be a redundant phrase in your organisation as your managers’ dashboards will tell them exactly which teams and/or individuals need more help and specifically how they should focus their energies on the skills that need to be coached. Want to know more? Email us to see a demo of our product in action.

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