What’s hot in L&D 2017 – Personal, Collaborative and Small!

hot-sunThe 4th annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey conducted by Donald H Taylor on respondents from 60 countries, found that the No.1 growth area in the future is personalisation.

The Top 3 of ‘What will be hot in L&D in 2017?’ Personalisation/adaptive delivery:

  1. Today, employee’s learning needs are unique to them. Technology has been empowering personalisation in many industries for decades – the most obvious examples being in retail with shopping recommendations to chat bots that use your name. A recent example – luxury fashion website, Net-a-Porter, announced the opening of a tech hub “to develop artificial intelligence that can help Net-a-Porter’s personal shoppers provide more tempting ideas for its high-spending clients and develop the next wave of tech for shoppers using their smartphones,“.  But personalisation can only happen when you have the appropriate data to make the personalisation. In the case of Net – a -Porter , customers personal shopping habits, favourite items, colour preferences are recorded.
    Jamjou’s behaviour changing tool allows personalisation of content & messages to your employees as we know your employees specific skills strength or weakness.  Using this data you can then build your company’s specific messages and real life work scenarios tailored to address these very same individuals.
  2. Collaborative/social learning:
    We’ve written before about the importance of engaging staff and also about how we learn – as research shows it’s far more effective to learn by doing rather than by rote.  As a 100% interactive tool, Jamjou has effectively gamified staff training while the league tables facilitate collaborative and social learning not to mention competitive camaraderie.
  3. Micro learning:
    Donald Taylor, the analyst behind the study, noted the rapid spread of the idea of micro learning as one of the most notable results. His definition of micro learning is characterized as small units of content, structured delivery, and repetition. See our post on Bersin’s modern learner who is distracted, overwhelmed and impatient and is spearheading this change in learning methods.  Jamjou too ticks these boxes by encompassing byte-sized learning accessible from any device or smartphone.

Want to know more about Jamjou? Email us to see a demo of our product in action.

More About the L&D Global Sentiment Survey

885 people voted in this year’s survey, casting a total of 2,364 votes. Votes came from 60 countries with over 90% of votes came from these five areas: Australia and New Zealand 15%, EU 33%, UK 21%, North America 15% and India 8%.

Respondents were asked to select ‘What will be hot in L&D in 2017?’ from the following list of 16 options:

Artificial intelligence Collaborative/social learning Consulting more deeply with the business Curation
Developing the L&D function Games/gamification Micro learning Mobile delivery
MOOCs Neuroscience/cognitive science Personal knowledge mastery (PKM) Personalisation/adaptive delivery
Showing Value Video Virtual and Augmented reality Other

The full report is available here.
Image attribution: InsideEvs

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