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The Skills Gap Challenge

skills gap

A recent article: “Identify your skill gaps and create the learning environment to address them” rounds up some really compelling statistics on the three key skills gap challenges facing managers today. The article also presents top-level findings from Brandon Hall

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Premgroup, a Jamjou client announces top players using productivity tool

Premgroup recently announced the top players in the use of their Jamjou application. Each of the winners received a prize sponsored by Premgroup HR department. Here is the announcement from Sarah Marr, HR Manager at Premgroup on Linkedin post

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Irish tech start-up JamJou combines gaming and training with new application

Here is a recent press release where Jamjou featured on Business and An Irish tech start-up founded less than a year ago in Kilkenny, JamJou, is launching an application that delivers training through game-based real-life work scenarios on PCs

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What is difference between game based learning and gamification?

Gamification v gbl

In order to dispel some of the confusion around gamification and game based learning for business , here is our interpretation of the differences between these two areas. Game based learning takes gamification of learning to another level as it enables

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Game based learning and how we got here


Welcome to our blog and glad you found us! The story of delivering a game based learning solution for businesses has come from a passion for delivering learning better + an interest in gaming + a fasination of why people

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